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Very nice a clean looking website -- download time is good, I normally work on a DSL line but I tried it on dial-up and it's fine. P.S. Very nice layout!
PRSLou - Lou Granato III
OGR Assistant Webmaster - Geneseo, IL

Nice! City scene: I like the elevated line in back. Mountain scene: is that white house for rent? I'm ready to move in.
Bill R - DC metro area

You did a nice job on both your website, and your layout. The layout looks great!! Thanks for sharing.
Michael Monahan - "Railfan" - Huntley, Illinois

You have done a great job on your layout with the space you had to work with. Very nice.
Alan Ramsey - Wilmington DE

Very nice job, both on the website and the layout! Bill R., I was going to get in a bidding war with you to move into that pretty MTH farmhouse with the flowers -- until I saw the gator in the pond! - Thanks for sharing your O Gauge world, Jim!
Paul - The Empire State

Very nice layout, Jim. I especially like the mountain work, the coloring and shades of green look very realistic, reminds me of mossy rocks near a waterfall. One question though - how large of ships are running through your "small wet pond" that requires a bascule bridge?
Empire Builder Dave - Pennsylvania

O.K. now. I don't want your head to swell up so you can't get in your car. I do want to give you tremendous praise for creating one of the BEST track plans from an operational standpoint, and from a standpoint of structures and scenicing I have EVER seen in my entire life. The operational possibilities are wonderful. The towns and structures are terrific. But you know that already. You did a TREMENDOUS job, in my humble opinion.
You have created the "definitive" model railroad. A Picasso. A piece of art by a master of the craft. I cannot think of a single thing I would change or make better. I by no means want to insinuate that others that have put layouts up and posted photos are in any way lacking. I like something about every one of them. I think the layout here is the perfect classical, in every sense of the word, "toy train" layout however. It follows all my "rules" for layout construction. I am not saying that "L" and "Z" shaped layouts running all over creation aren't great, but such construction is not "traditional", in the sense of a rectangular board.
And, as I am sure you know your masterpiece lends itself to completely automatic pre-programmed train operation with more possibilities that I can imagine! Just peachy keen!
Tommy - New York

Very nice layout - the pictures downloaded pretty fast for me.
Paul Fudd - Paoli PA

Nothing like having a diagram for your operating panel is there? The layout looks good but I wonder If there were closer to scale size street lights available. Everything else seems to match in scale. I know we all have out of scale items, myself included but I have been trying to keep my streetscape close since LEDs have been around.
Jim Sicking - Cincinnati OH

Great job all around and welcome aboard.
Harry Hinch - Maryland Hgts. Mo.

Very nice layout - the pictures downloaded pretty fast for me.
Paul Fudd - Paoli, Pa

Jim, great work with your layout and your website. I access via dialup from home, and I find your pageloads acceptable - more than worth the wait.
Big Rick - Cleveland, OH

The Rock gives you a Five Star Rating***** on your layout! Very attractive and well done! Thanks for sharing it with us!
The Rock - Mid Ohio Valley

Nice photos and great work, especially on the mountain.
Larry LaJambe - Greater Toronto Area, CANADA
Larry's Track & Train

Super, Super Great Photos. This is what this forum should be about. Congrats.
Don - Mansfield, Tx

Very well done, Jim
Peter Condro - Richmond VA

Nice layout and photos Jim! I especially like the rock formations and houses on top of the mountain. The town is also nice with interesting detail.
Roger - Marlborough, CT
Western Layout

Excellent layout, website and photos.
Pat Marinari - Medford NJ I'm starting my own layout,.I find myself scannin thru the web to see others and get ideas.....your layout is fantastic considering the area you have limited the layout to...the site is cool hats off to you for taking the tme and work so we can see your results.........

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