Our Go Karts

When I was a kid of about 12, I saved up my paperboy money to the tune of $35 bucks to buy my first motorized vehicle. It was a "Doddle-Bug" otherwise known as a small motor scooter with a 3.5 HP lawnmower engine.

As I remember, about six months later, I had saved some more (by opening a neighbor bike repair shop in my Dad's empty garage) and bought a Go Kart. I can't remember how much I paid, but I do remember it was the hit of the neighbor.

Sub-note: Hey, in those days, at 13 years old, a kid driving four-wheels was a big deal. Bought my first real car (1941Ford Tudoor) at age 14 for $85 bucks (selling today at $15k to $20k - ask me what happened to it.) Fast forward twenty five years and living in Casper Wyoming, the "bug" hit again and I bought three Go Karts. Two were simple "riders" with lawn mower engines and one was a racing cart with twin two-cycle motors. The racer was really fast at 4" off the ground, maybe 60 mph. Sold one and the racer and gave one to my Denver boys who have reported to me that they literally drove it into the ground as they terrorized all over their South Washington neighborhood.

Fast forward another twenty-five years and after enjoying the experience of working on and crusing in the "T-Bucket," I sold it. Then I wanted a summer "project." This resulted in buying two "classic" Go Karts from a guy living in Longmont Colorado. It took two trips with my Jeep to get them home to the Go Kart Garage.

Then the fun began. Stripped off the bodies, had some welding done on the frames and repainted them. Then tackled the fiberglass bodies. This was a real chore removing a mess of decals, sanding, filling, patching fiberglass and repainting. Then, even though they came with engines, I bought two new Predator 6.5 HP engines. Reworked the mounting plates, installed the engines and throttle assemblies and then tackled and rebuilt the brakes. Both started first pull!!.

Here's some pics

Our current 2017 line up

And here is the story starting with the first pair finished

Here they are first day home

The rebuild begins

The "Pit Boss" inspecting the progress

Fresh out of the paint shop

New Engine in a box

The Yellow "Bulldog" completed

The green "Eagle" completed

Here is what a "Doodle Bug" looks like

Ethan at our local race track

Maita and Riley running the circuit

And if you see one that looks like this. Let Jim know- It was stolen from him

This was the summer 2016 project - It's called a "Yerf Dog" and we bought it because we wanted a 2-seater. Spent a couple of hundred in repairs. And sold it - it was just to big an heavy for all of us.

By the summer of 2017, 3 of the grandkids were too big to set on our laps to take rides. So we bought another 2-seater. The paint was all black and looked like it had been put on with a brush. First step was to get it sandblasted down to bear metal.

Ethan and Papa did a new paint job in purple with gold wheels. Added a snakeskin seat and rubber floor pads. Tuned up the engine, redid the brakes and off we went!!! It's the fasted one since it doen't have a body.


Havin FUN!! - Jim
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