JAM & L Railroad
O- Gauge

Train Home

A special acknowledgement to Ron Gagnon who has been running trains for 40 years. He has been extremely generous with his support, advice, and terrific enthusiasm. Planning for the JAM & L lines began in early 2001. Layout design was accomplished using RR Track version 4 for all track, switch and accessory layouts. Construction started the first of August, 2001. Room revisions included the installation of 2 sets of dimmer control incandescent lighting. Basic benchwork was purchased, cut and assembled in one day with the assistance of Brad Arkebauer. It took 3 additional days to fill screw holes, sand and stain legs and framework and paint benchwork top. Approximately 300 hours over a 4 month period went into the track, switch, accessory layout and wiring. Trains where up and running first of December 2001. Scenery construction was started January 2002.

Table size = 6'2'' x 20' (124 square feet)
Table height = 36"- 2"x4" legs - 1"x 4" frame
3/4'" AA plywood top
Cork roadbed

Track is GarGraves, total of 160 feet that is equal to 1.5 miles in real life track.

Switches are Ross Custom, 18 total powered by Tortoise DC motors with four - 12 volt serial wired power packs

Control Panel (33" x 14") is a framed and piano hinged 1/8" painted masonite board, outlined for passenger and freight routes including sidings. Center-off toggle switches for all crossing switches and momentary push buttons for uncouplers.

Accessory Panel is (22" x 14") is a framed and piano hinged 1/8" masonite board with a combination of toggle and push button switches along with select manufacturers switches for each operating accessory.

Primary Routes - Two
One passenger route with two sidings, one 30 degree x-crossing, and one 360 degree circle (tunnel hidden)
One freight line with one inter loop and two accessory sidings
Both routes tied together at two places

TMC Cab1 Remote Control for trains with panel control for tracks, switches and accessories

Power Supply - Main line power is two Lionel 135 volt TrainMasters with base and two Cab1 remote controls. Accessory power is a dual transformer set for 10 and 14 volts Two additional Lionel 1033 accessory transformers are set at 10 volts for lights
Wiring - Track routes are 14 gauge connected to track every six feet. Accessory wiring is 18 gauge with common ground loops.

Scenery - Primary scenery componates are from Woodland Scenics. Special thanks to Sue Stenstrum for her assistance.

Accessory Line Up
The following accessories are operated
Bascal Bridge - Lionel
Barrel Loader - Lionel
Burning Tower - Lionel

Coal Station # 497 - Lionel
Cola Car - Lionel
Control Tower - Lionel
Conveyor Log Loader - Lionel
Culvert Loader - Lionel
Culver UnLoader - Lionel

FloodLights - # 195 - 5 each - Lionel
Forklift Loader -Lionel

Gabe - Lamplighter - MTH
Gantry Crane - Lionel
Light House with Fog Horn - Lionel
Log Loader - #164 - Lionel

Magnetic Crane - Lionel

Oil Drum Loader - Lionel
Operating Freight Station - Lionel
Operating Freight Station - MTH
Operating Passenger Station - MTH
Operating Saw Mill - Lionel

Rotary Beacon - MTH
Radar Tower - MTH

Saw Mill - Lionel/American Flyer
Signal Bridge - Dual track - MTH